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Temukan Keajaiban Dunia Middle-earth dalam Novel The Hobbit Bahasa Indonesia Pdf

While scientists discover more hobbit remains and ask who killed them, the story of their arrival on Flores is closed. But it's not over. The island's fragile ecosystem is now fraught with challenges. Heavy rains are causing serious erosion, and the search for more remains is underway. And more questions emerge. In 2001, for example, a group of climbers discovered an early cave painting, indicating that H. floresiensis once had human neighbors. Understanding the hobbit and its unusual presence on the island will require the cooperation of the Rampasasa.

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And if humans are part of the answer, so is the threat. Humans didn't occupy the island for more than 50,000 years. But the beginning of that span, about 3,000 years ago, coincides with a period when the island is thought to have been heavily populated. The Rampasasa still have ongoing friction over ownership of the fossil skeleton, which the Indonesians say is theirs. But its presence may soon become much more tangible. As if they sense the pressure, the hobbit's 2.7-meter (9.2-foot) body has begun to fracture.

In search of small carnivores, an Indonesian team of hunters has spent the last decade killing island lions (1.9 meters, 6.3 feet) and a lion-like dog (1.65 meters, 5.4 feet) as well as the larger Flores hornbill. A dead pig is still a feast for them. In the cave where the discovery of the hobbit remains was made, the only large animal remains are the H. floresiensis skeleton and a few other dwarf-sized bones. "The remains of the new species, which is very, very small, is so different, it's not even a representation of anything," Tucci says. "When we dug them up we found a piece of a bone but nothing of a skull.

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