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Download Raft The Final Chapter V1.09 Online

hi creator of the trainer i have a problem that when i click the shifter, an error message is displayed on the screen and i have suspicions that it is about the version of my raft because the version of my raft is v1.09

Download Raft The Final Chapter v1.09 Online


Raft is an excellent sea survival simulator. Here you will have to saddle a real raft and make a full-fledged housing out of it, in which you can live, survive, and at the same time travel through the endless expanses of the sea. The whole world went under water, and you, as one of the few survivors, ended up on a raft. So you escaped death and survived. But then it will be more interesting you will have to travel on your raft through the endless sea waters, dive under the water and get various items there, build and complete your raft, equipping it with new decks and everything you need to survive. Under water you will find everything you need during your trip. NOTE. This release of game Raft The Final Chapter is updated to latest version v1.09 and included worked Multiplayer.Key Features 041b061a72

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