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Native Instruments Vintage Organs KONTAKT

For over a decade, our mission has been to create an ever-growing selection of inspiring instruments, orchestral sections, drums, percussion ensembles, choirs, solo voices, folk and vintage instruments, experimental sonic contraptions, cinematic effects and sound-designed creations.

Native Instruments Vintage Organs KONTAKT

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Authentic reproduction of the sound of 5 legendary organsFull control over all organ elements like drawbars, percussion and vibrato controls etc.All manuals (upper, lower and pedal) included, where available on the originalsAll manuals can be played on one keyboard via keysplit or with multiple keyboards by using different MIDI channelsPreset selector for 12 drawbar presets (inverse key functionality found on the B-3)Dedicated amp page with drive, EQ and cabinet controls (8 cabinet emulations)Convolution Reverb with true plate and spring Reverb IR samplesNative support for drawbar controllers like the Doepfer D3CChromatically sampled (sample size: 1,8 GB)100 presets included spanning 5 instrumentsBest of both worlds: Sound is based on recordings of the original models. Effects like the Rotator, the Cabinets and Reverb are real time emulated on top of it, providing great sound and flexibility

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Here's five of our favorite vintage keyboard software instruments... in no particular order. It's not designed to be an extensive list, but five that grab our attention for a number of different reasons.

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