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2560x1440 Silver Wolf. Wolf Wallpaper, Underwat...

An Alpha is the most dangerous type of werewolf. When in canine form they are noticeably larger. Alphas have bright red eyes instead of golden. In rare cases, Alphas can literately turn into actual wolves, but in a larger and more brutish appearance.

2560x1440 Silver Wolf. Wolf wallpaper, Underwat...

The Bite, when used as a proper noun, refers to a bite from an Alpha, which can turn a human into a new Beta werewolf. The Bite has transformed many people on Teen Wolf: Scott McCall was Bitten then turned by Peter Hale, Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd all received the Bite from Derek Hale and Liam Dunbar was Bitten by Scott himself. The Bite requires no act of will by the Alpha to take effect. When Gerard Argent impaled his arm on Derek's fangs, Derek was unwilling, Gerard was counted as being Bitten, though because of the mountain ash in his system, Gerard did not turn, rejecting the Bite. If, however, the Bite does not take, it will eventually kill the human recipient. Derek's girlfriend Paige simply failed to transform because the Bite was fatal to her instead. The Bite, however, could transform the recipient into some other shapeshifter instead of a Beta, because "Sometimes the shape (you) take reflects the person you are." When Jackson was Bitten by Derek, he instead became a Kanima, because of his mental issues and outward behavior. The Bite can also be used as a weapon against Kitsune. Because the Bite changes the body of the recipient, it can exorcise the host of a Nogitsune or destroy a Void clone of said host. In The Divine Move, Scott Bites Void Stiles, the Nogitsune's incarnation of his best friend, which depleted his power and vanquished the Void Kitsune. 041b061a72

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