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the south american countries have also found themselves dragged into this as, being on the other side of the world, their economies suffer as well. this is exacerbated by the fact that venezuela, with its oil, is one of the worlds leading oil producers.

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this is as a result of the death knell sounding from wall street, the united states being faced with the spectre of a potential china-russia- venezuela alliance, which would threaten to destabilise markets around the globe.

but this is not all. as the family dynasty in china, which has fought to preserve its system, has been close to the british, with whom they have even come to terms, being dependent on english oil, they have been hit by a particularly hard blow.

the fact that they have lost one of their largest sources of oil has only served to bring the chinese more fully to the table and they are now essentially capitalising on this and exposing it as a tool of the british empire.

this is because, on the one hand, they are reliant on china and, on the other, it is their bread and butter, with the major brands including boeing, boeing and even ford all having significant ventures in china.

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