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Unique Hub V2

To avoid clutter and bloat in your Docker registries caused by many snapshots being uploaded for an image, set the Max Unique Tags field in the Local Docker Repository configuration to limit the number of unique tags.

Unique Hub v2

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The IDT for Illumina - DNA/RNA UD Indexes Sets A, B, C, and D offer up to 384 unique dual indexes, enabling accurate assignment of reads and efficient use of the flow cell. (Sets A and B are available now. Sets C and D are coming soon.) These unique dual index codes use 10 base pair codes. This change in base pair index codes require adjustments to the sequencing run setup.

These molecular barcodes are short sequences used to uniquely tag each molecule in a sample library. UMIs are used for a wide range of sequencing applications, many around PCR duplicates in DNA and cDNA. UMI deduplication is also useful for RNA-seq gene expression analysis and other quantitative sequencing methods.

Sequencing with UMIs can reduce the rate of false-positive variant calls and increase sensitivity of variant detection. Since each nucleic acid in the starting material is tagged with a unique molecular barcode, bioinformatics software can filter out duplicate reads and PCR errors with a high level of accuracy and report unique reads, removing the identified errors before final data analysis.

While both technologies are useful for multiplexing and demultiplexing during downstream data analysis, a key difference is that UMI sequencing labels each molecule in a sample with a unique sequence prior to PCR amplification.

With unique dual indexes (UDIs), each sample index is specific to a given sample library. All nucleic acids in a sample are labeled with the same sequence tag, and the resulting library is pooled with other libraries and sequenced in parallel in a single run.

UMIs incorporate a unique barcode onto each molecule within a given sample library. By incorporating individual barcodes on each original DNA fragment, variant alleles present in the original sample (true variants) can be distinguished from errors introduced during library preparation, target enrichment, or sequencing.

TruSight Oncology UMI Regents provide error correction with unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) for NGS libraries. These reagents use unique molecular identifiers to lower the rate of PCR or sequencing errors, aiding in the detection of rare and low frequency somatic variants present in DNA samples such as cfDNA isolated from plasma.

UPPAbaby HUBs are unique, one-stop destinations offering complimentary stroller maintenance, car seat checks, and personalized service to keep you and baby safe, happy, and on your way. The UPPAbaby Tech Team is on-site to walk guests through the latest products, coordinate test drives, share helpful cleaning tips, and provide gear recommendations to suit the needs of you and your family. Come on in!

The code field will be a unique identifier, all caps with underscores byconvention. The message field will be a human readable string. The optionaldetail field may contain arbitrary json data providing information theclient can use to resolve the issue.

This API design is driven heavily by content addressability.The core of this design is the concept of a content addressable identifier. Ituniquely identifies content by taking a collision-resistant hash of the bytes.Such an identifier can be independently calculated and verified by selectionof a common algorithm. If such an identifier can be communicated in a securemanner, one can retrieve the content from an insecure source, calculate itindependently and be certain that the correct content was obtained. Put simply,the identifier is a property of the content.

While the algorithm does allow one to implement a wide variety ofalgorithms, compliant implementations should use sha256. Heavy processing ofinput before calculating a hash is discouraged to avoid degrading theuniqueness of the digest but some canonicalization may be performed toensure consistent identifiers.

June 23, 2020, DeepCool, a leading brand in designing and manufacturing CPU cooling systems launches a brand new unique case fan, the MF120 GT, which features 20 addressable RGB LEDs across the X-Frame that shine through translucent fan blades to create a distinct look from either side in push or pull configurations.Adjusting colors is easy with direct control through supported RGB software from popular motherboard brands and through Razer Chroma. An included RGB wire controller offers a quick alternative to select through various color profiles to match any build theme. Designed to perform as well as it looks, the MF120 GT provides great cooling performance and PWM control for balanced thermal and noise levels.The MF120 GT is available as a 3-in-1 pack with other accessories in the box including a 4-port PWM fan hub and a 6-port RGB hub for added flexibility and compatibility with your build.Pricing and AvailabilityMSRP: 59.90USD excl.VAT/59.90EUR incl.VATPurchase link:Amazon: Newegg: Available on 23, June, 2020About DeepCoolEstablished in 1996, DeepCool is a premier PC thermal solution provider and hardware brand with a wide range of products designed for PC-DIY enthusiasts, including CPU coolers, PC cases, PSUs, fans and accessories. For over 20 years, DeepCool upholds its strategy of independent R&D, original creativity, premium service and incredible value. Follow us @DEEPCOOL on Facebook, Twitter and

Featuring a glass mirror design with ARGB LED strips, this high-performance mid tower case achieves an infinity effect to deliver a truly unique and mesmerizing lighting experience. Full tempered glass side panel with a convenient hinge design allows for easy opening and closing.

Whether it's cruising all day, jumping curbcuts, or wheelie-ing around, this bike is intended to handle it all. The frame has a unique shortened rear-end geometry compared to most bikes on the market of this size to make it easier to handle and manipulate in tough positions. It's also equipped with a quick release seat clamp to make changing up your riding style a breeze.

When using the UNIQUE constraint on multiple columns, the collective values of the columns must be unique. This does not mean that each value in each column must be unique, as if you had applied the UNIQUE constraint to each column individually.

Private apps allow you to use HubSpot's APIs to access specific data from your HubSpot account. You can authorize what each private app can request or change in your account, which will generate an access token that's unique to your app.

Provide a locally unique identifier to refer to licenses that are not found on the SPDX License List. This unique identifier can then be used in the packages, files and snippets sections of the SPDX document (Clause 7, Clause 8 and Clause 9, respectively). The metadata for the license identifier field is shown in Table 63.

Create a human readable short form license identifier for a license not on the SPDX License List. This identifier shall be unique within the SPDX document. In previous versions of SPDX, the references were required to be sequential numbers, but as of version 1.2, creators may specify references that are easier for humans to remember and mentally map.

By and large, the Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates V2.0 are some of the most well-liked standard bumper plates on the market. They utilize a unique rubber formula with colored flecks that allows the amount of weight to be easily identified and, in our opinion, looks pretty cool.

To cache dependencies for a job, you can use GitHub's cache action. The action creates and restores a cache identified by a unique key. Alternatively, if you are caching the package managers listed below, using their respective setup-* actions requires minimal configuration and will create and restore dependency caches for you.

Cache version is a way to stamp a cache with metadata of the path and the compression tool used while creating the cache. This ensures that the consuming workflow run uniquely matches a cache it can actually decompress and use. For more information, see Cache Version in the Actions Cache documentation.

See the Functionality section to get an impression of what you can do with DrWatson or see the DrWatson Workflow Tutorial to get a "crash course" of how DrWatson helps the typical scientific workflow. The Description of DrWatson section describes the design decisions that make it a unique software that truly helps the scientific workflow. If you want to see how DrWatson compares with other existing alternatives, please have a look at our paper in Citing.

If you have used DrWatson in a scientific project that lead to a publication, we'd appreciate you citing the paper associated with it. This paper also compares DrWatson to other software that have been used to aid the scientific workflow in one way or another, and highlights the unique features of DrWatson.

This is because Swagger considers a unique operation as a combination of a path and the HTTP method, and additional parameters do not make the operation unique. Instead, you should use unique paths such as:

Get access to millions of companies to sort and filter them with 300+ data fields. In addition to the data from local authorities, Vainu provides you with unique data points collected by our crawlers and processed by our AI. Give easy access to meaningful information and display the data anywhere you need it. 041b061a72

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